The Future is Now. We are GB Helios.

Mar 8, 2024
August 8, 2023

We're investing in the future, because we're excited about its vast universe of potential and in keeping our brand relevant, we have refreshed our name to GB Helios; as the next generation of Goldbell Financial Services.

Helios is the mythical personification of the sun. And like the sun, GB Helios is at the core of a broad spectrum of vital resources that will fuel your growth. 

We know you - your ambitions, your goals, your needs - because we are you. We invest in our clients because we believe your success reinforces our own. We’re Proactive — our integrated, game-changing solutions aim to seize new opportunities. We're Progressive — our innovative approach means we work smarter and are more agile. And we're Pro-business — we put our resources, insight and experience towards making your business shine like the sun.

We’re GB Helios. Proactive. Progressive. Pro-business.

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