Payables Financing

Also known as Supplier Financing, this financing solution allows buyers to extend payment terms while providing suppliers early payment with their invoices.

Why Payables Financing?

Financing to pay suppliers

Suppliers can be based locally or overseas

Payables can be for employees’ CPF contribution, foreign workers’ levy (applicable for certain industries) etc

For Singapore-Registered Businesses

Minimum 30% shares held by Singaporean or PR Director

Facility limit of up to $500K

Up to 100% of suppliers' invoices

Loan tenure up to 90 days

Easy Application via MyInfo
Convenient Giro Payments

Participating Financial Institution

Why Payables Financing?

Improved cash flow

Allows businesses to receive funds for outstanding invoices before they are due, improving cash flow and providing access to working capital.


Customized your business's specific needs and provide financing for invoices of various sizes and maturities.

Improved credit rating

Allows your business to improve credit rating and potentially gain access to more favorable financing terms in the future of company.

Business Growth

Provide your businesses with the funds they need to invest in business growth opportunities.

How does it work?

Take a look how to apply our product financing. It's so simple and easy to apply

Submit your documents

This process typically involves providing information such as the name, address, contact details, and payment terms.

Agree to terms

You will need to agree to the terms of the payables financing arrangement. This will typically include the amount of the financing, the interest rate or discount rate, and any fees or charges associated with the financing.

You receive your moneys immediately

With payables financing, you can receive your money, and here are the final process

Venture Builds


Learn how Pilon Plus - a cloud-based app - can help your business access reverse supply chain financing to provide significant and strategic cashflow for you.

"As a small business owner, I was struggling to manage my cash flow and make sure all my bills were paid on time. That's when I learned about payables financing, and it was a total game-changer for me. By using payables financing, I was able to get an advance on my outstanding invoices, which helped me cover my expenses and keep my business running smoothly. It was such a relief to have access to funding without having to go through the long, complicated process of getting a traditional loan. Plus, the repayment terms were flexible and worked with my business's cash flow. I would definitely recommend payables financing to any business owner looking for a way to manage their cash flow and keep their business running smoothly."
David Ong
Sales Manager, SG CAR CHOICE


How long is the loan tenure typically?

The tenure of each loan draw is up to 90 days.

What documents are required to apply for Payable Financing?

- Latest 2 years financial statements
- Latest aging list (payable and receivables)
- Latest 6 months bank statements
- Director(s) and Shareholder(s) NRIC or Passport, latest 2 year NOA and CBS report
- Supplier payment trail
- Additional documents may be required. This is determined on a case by case basis. Our team will reach out t to you once your application is received.

Do you accept invoices from overseas suppliers in foreign currencies?

Yes, we accept invoices from suppliers who are based overseas. We will pay out in USD for invoices that are not in Singapore currency.

Do you issue Letter of Credit (LC)?

No, we do not issue Letter of Credit.

How does this differ from venture debt?

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