GBH Email Policy

1. Notwithstanding the terms of any arrangement or agreement or course of dealing between GB Helios Pte Ltd (“GBH”) and me, GBH is hereby authorised by me, but is not obliged to accept, rely or act upon any notice, demand, instruction or other communication (“Instruction”) in respect of any Hire Purchase Agreement between GBH and me. Such Instruction may be, or purport to be given by me by email or any other form of electronic communication acceptable to GBH provided that the Instructions are given in accordance with the signatory requirements for the operation of the account(s) and in accordance with any limits specified for the operation of the account(s).

2. GBH shall be entitled to treat such Instructions as duly authorised and binding on me (a) without waiting for any confirmation or the original instruction in writing; (b) without making any inquiry as to the authority or identity of the person(s) giving or making or purporting to give or make such Instruction; and (c) regardless of the circumstances in which such Instruction was made or given to GBH.

3. GBH is entitled to refuse to accept, rely or act on any Instruction without giving any notice or assigning any reason.

4. If GBH receives any Instructions outside a business day, GBH will only consider such Instructions on the next working day.

5. I agree that GBH may at any time perform a call back to confirm the Instruction given, or request that I provide GBH, within a specified period, with the original instruction in writing duly signed by the authorised signatory(ies).

6. In the event that GBH receives two or more Instructions which GBH considers to be inconsistent, GBH is entitled (but not obliged) to (a) refuse to accept, rely on or act on such Instructions until GBH has obtained satisfactory clarification; or (b) accept, rely or act upon any such Instructions as GBH thinks fit.

7. I am aware that email is not a secure or error-free medium of communication and I am aware of the possible risks involved in connection with the transmission of information via email. Therefore, GBH shall not be liable or in any way held to be responsible for any errors or omissions in the content of the email messages and its attachments.

8. I confirm and acknowledge that I am aware of the risks involved in connection with the giving of any instructions by email including delay or failure of delivery, unauthorised access and the possibility of some third party forwarding/sending email instructions purportedly with respect to my account and as given by me and GBH not being able to distinguish that such email instructions have not come from me, whether because the email address is masked or otherwise. All email communication is not encrypted. I am responsible for the security of my email account.

9. I further agree and confirm that GBH will not be liable or responsible in any way if any communication is delayed, intercepted, lost or failed to reach GBH during delivery, transmission or dispatch or if the content of such communication is disclosed to any third party during transit, or for any unauthorized instructions, orders or authority given to GBH in my name by email and that GBH will not be under any duty to verify the identity or authority of the sender of such email instructions, orders or authority or to enquire into the genuineness or authenticity of such email instructions, orders or authority.

10. I hereby agree to release and discharge GBH from and to indemnify and keep GBH indemnified at all times against any and all claims, actions, charges, liabilities, loss, damages, demands, penalties, costs and expenses (including legal costs on an indemnity basis), howsoever arising and of whatsoever nature or description, whether directly or indirectly, including consequential loss and damages (hereinafter referred to as “Claims”) which may be made against GBH or which GBH may sustain by reason of GBH acting or relying on any instructions, orders or authority given by me to GBH by email.

11. My authorization and this indemnity shall continue until I give to GBH at least 3 working days’ written notice signed by me and handed or posted by registered mail to GBH and received by GBH revoking or terminating the aforesaid authorization and this indemnity PROVIDED THAT notwithstanding such written notice, the release and indemnity hereinabove given shall continue to apply in respect of any action taken by GBH before the expiry of 3 working days after actual receipt by GBH of such written notice.

12. For the avoidance of doubt, GBH may in its absolute discretion choose to communicate with me in any mode GBH reasonably deems fit.

13. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this agreement, GBH is not obliged to accept any purported instructions or to answer any queries received from me through email.