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Increase your cashflow for business expansion such as to scale your operations, tap on market opportunities, expand facilities or develop new products.

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What May Cause Expansion Shortage?

Lack of collateral

If a business does not have sufficient collateral to secure the loan, it may struggle to secure expansion financing.

Poor credit history

If a business has a poor credit history, it may struggle to secure financing or may be required to pay higher interest rates.

Limited cash flow

Expansion often requires significant investment in new resources, equipment, and personnel.

Industry challenges

Some industries may be considered riskier than others, making it more difficult to secure financing for expansion.

Our Solutions

Tailored For Every Business Stage

Technology Leasing

Keep Your Business Up-to-Date with Flexible Technology Leasing

Get the latest technology without the upfront cost. Our flexible leasing solutions make it easy to upgrade to the latest technology equipment.

Business Property Loans

Growing Your Business Roots: Property Financing Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you're looking to purchase properties or refinance for funding, we can tailor to your needs.

Revenue-Based Financing

Access Funding Based on Your Revenue Streams

Get the funding you need to grow your business without sacrificing equity.

Hire Purchase

Purchase of Vehicles

Are you a business owner, a private hire driver or an individual looking for a loan for vehicles?


Factoring Loans: Boosting Cash Flow for SMEs in Singapore

Discover how factoring loans in Singapore can transform your SME's cash flow. Learn about the benefits, application process, and solutions from GB Helios.

"Expansion financing was the key to taking our business to the next level. We had a solid business plan and a clear vision for growth, but we needed the funds to execute our plan. With expansion financing, we were able to secure the funding we needed to expand our operations, hire new employees, and invest in new technologies. Thanks to expansion financing, we were able to achieve our growth objectives and position our business for long-term success. We highly recommend expansion financing to any business with big plans for growth and expansion."
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