Hire Purchase

Are you a business owner, a private hire driver or an individual looking for a loan for passenger vehicles?

Talk to us to find out more about our 10-year Hire Purchase.

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Shop for your next car purchase with the assurance of an pre-approved loan amount that you are eligible for.

Tenure up to 10 years

Instant Pre-approved Car Loan

Easy Application via MyInfo

Convenient Giro Payments

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What we offer

We have in place structures on how to strategise for your businesses' protection and preservation in the current age of technology and sustainability.

10-year Loan Tenure
Pre-approved Car Loans Available
Easy Application via MyInfo
Interest Rate
Receive Approved Loan Amount within 5 mins
Convenient Giro Payments

What we offer

10-year loan tenure

Interest Rate

Pre-approved Car Loans Available

Receive Approved Loan Amount within 5 mins

Easy Application via MyInfo

Convenient Giro Payments

Check For Your Eligible Loan Amount Instantly

In just 3 simple steps!

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You will receive an email notifying you of the maximum loan amount and estimated monthly instalments.

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"I'm pleased with Vion from goldbell finance services. Credit for her six stars!! Vion is an angel and is extremely professional. She took her time to assist me and kept in touch with me letting me know how it was going. I would always recommend GoldBell finance to anyone. We are very pleased with her service. Thank you for the hard work and we will always support you"
Benny Ng
Sales Manager, SG CAR CHOICE


What is Hire Purchase?

Hire Purchase is a loan to finance purchases of new or used cars. Buyers usually pay a deposit and the remaining value in monthly installments.

What is the eligibility criteria for hire purchase?

Common requirements include being over 18 years old and having a satisfactory credit history and credit score. It's important to check with the specific seller or financial institution for their exact eligibility criteria.

How is this different from floor stock financing?

Floor stock financing is designed to help car dealers with short-term inventory of vehicle stocks, whereas hire purchase is designed to help businesses and individuals with loans to purchase commercial or passenger vehicles that can range from one vehicle to a fleet.

What happens if I cannot repay the loan?

If you miss a payment, we may charge you a late payment fee and may also report your missed payment to credit bureaus, which can negatively affect your credit score. If you continue to miss payments, we may repossess the item you purchased through the hire purchase agreement.

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