Business Property Loans

Transform your business’s vision into reality with GB Helios' business property loans. Get commercial property purchase loans to expand your horizons or refinance business property to streamline cash flow. Our equity term loans in Singapore offer flexible, robust financial support, turning your property assets into pillars of sustainable growth and success.

Why Choose Us for Business Property Loans?

Up to 80% Loan-to-Value

Interest Servicing Payment Structure

Flexible Short-Term Commitment

Easy Application via MyInfo
Convenient Giro Payments
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Commercial Properties Suitable for Business Property Loans

  • Commercial / Office Buildings
  • Private residentials / Condominiums

The Advantages You Will Get

We have in place structures on how to strategise for your businesses' protection and preservation in the current age of technology and sustainability.

Up to 80% Loan-to-Value
Loan Tenure
Interest servicing payment structure
Flexible short-term commitment
Fast approval & disbursement

Unlocking Asset Value

Here's how you can unlock the value of your assets, and gain access to funding.

If your property is valued at $4 million and you took a mortgage loan of $2 million
With 80% Loan-to-value, you can refinance with a loan of $3.2 million
After clearing your outstanding mortgage, you get $1.2 million cash
If your property is valued at $4 million
With 80% Loan-to-value, you are eligible for a loan of up to $3.2 million

Ignite Your Business Growth With GB Helios

Step into a future of possibilities with GB Helios’ Business Property Loans. Propel your enterprise forward by harnessing the potential of your commercial assets.

Beyond Business Property Loans, we also offer a range of other business financing solutions tailored to fuel your expansion. From Unsecured Term Loans and Factoring Loans to Startup Business Loans and Revenue-Based Financing. Embrace the full spectrum of opportunities with GB Helios – your partner in financial innovation.

Venture Builds


Learn how Pilon Plus - a cloud-based app - can help your business access reverse supply chain financing to provide significant and strategic cashflow for you.

"The loan process was smooth and straightforward, and we were able to secure a competitive interest rate with a reasonable repayment term. Owning our own property has provided us with stability and control over our business environment, and it feels great to be building equity with each mortgage payment".
John L. Kie
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What properties can be financed or pledged with Business Property Loans?

We accept private residential and commercial buildings including shophouses.

How do I make the monthly repayments for the Business Property Loan?

Repayments will be done through GIRO.

How do I apply for Business Property Loans?

Please contact us at or Whatsapp us at 6848 7470

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