Floor Stock Financing

Floor stock financing, also known as floor planning, allows you to get short-term credit so you have the funds to purchase vehicles and expand your inventory. With this financing solution, dealers can repay the loans as the vehicles are sold.

What Are the Benefits of Floor Stock Financing?

Here are some of the advantages of floor stock financing:

  • Quick Access to Working Capital: Get quick access to working capital so you can adapt swiftly to changes in consumer preferences and trends.
  • Improved Inventory Turnover: With floor stock financing, you can have a healthy balance between supply and demand. Faster inventory turnover not only positively impacts cash flow but also minimises carrying costs associated with storing excess vehicle stock.
  • Reduced Risk of Obsolescence: Reduce the likelihood of holding outdated or unsellable products by keeping your inventory in line with market demands.
  • Competitive Advantage: Have an edge over your competitors by ensuring you have products available when customers are ready to make a purchase.

Why Auto Dealers in Singapore Should Apply for Floor Stock Financing

Seasonal Demands

Adjust your inventory level based on seasonal fluctuations.

Increase Sales Through a Wider Selection of Vehicles

Extend the range of vehicle selections for your customers, without the need for upfront payment.

Maintain Healthy Cashflow

Helps to finance the required inventory and alleviate the financial burden of upfront payment for the vehicles.

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Get The Funds You Need With Floor Stock Financing

We’ve helped auto dealers in Singapore with Floor Stock Financing and Car Financing to expand and diversify their vehicle inventories, to get one step ahead and achieve business goals. Talk to us to apply for floor stock financing or find out more on our comprehensive suite of business financing solutions today.

Why Floor Stock Financing?

Maintain inventory for displays and sales

monitoring inventory levels to ensure that there is enough stock to meet customer demand.

Flexible payment terms

Flexible payment terms can help borrowers manage their cash flow and make their loan payments more manageable, which can increase the chances of loan repayment success.

Increase sales through a wider selection of vehicles

By utilizing floor stock financing, dealerships can leverage their inventory to attract more customers and generate more sales.

Maintain healthy cash flow

Without the upfront payment required for inventory businesses can maintain adequate inventory levels to meet customer demand

How does it work?

Take a look how to apply our product financing. It's so simple and easy to apply

Submit your documents

This process typically involves providing information such as the name, address, contact details, and payment terms.

Loan amount is determined

the lender will determine the amount of the loan. This amount will be based on several factors, including the dealership's creditworthiness, the type of vehicles being purchased, and the lender's specific lending criteria.

Vehicles are sold and loan is repaid

The dealership will then sell the vehicles from their inventory to customers, generating revenue to repay the loan. As the vehicles are sold, the dealership will pay back the loan plus any interest and fees charged by the lender.

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What is the eligibility criteria for Floor Stock Financing?

Common eligibility requirements include having a good credit score, a strong financial history, and a clear plan for managing and selling the inventory. It's important to research and compare different lenders and financing options to find the best fit for your business and to ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria.

What documents do I need for Floor Stock Financing?

- Business Plan: A detailed business plan that outlines the company's goals, financial projections, and how the inventory will be managed and sold.Financial Statements
- Financial statements that provide a clear picture of the company's financial health, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
- Inventory List: A detailed list of the inventory that the business plans to purchase with the financing, including the quantity, cost, and potential profit margins.
- Personal Identification: Government-issued identification for the business owner or authorized representative, such as a driver's license or passport.
- Tax Returns: Business tax returns for the previous year to demonstrate financial stability and the ability to repay the financing.
- Bank Statements: Bank statements that show the company's cash flow and financial stability.

What happens if I cannot repay the loan?

If you cannot repay the loan for Floor Stock Financing, it can result in serious consequences for your business, including late payment fees, damage to your credit score, and potential legal action or repossession of inventory.

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