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For Transportation and Logistics

Keep your business moving forward with our transportation and logistics financing solutions.

Common Reasons To
Take Up Financing

Fleet Upgrades

Obtain the capital needed to upgrade vehicles fleets, which can help to improve efficiency and reduce costs over the long term.

Expansion Opportunities

Tap on growth opportunities with the capital required to expand operations.

Improved Cash Flow

Improve cash flow with the capital required to cover expenses during periods of low revenue.

Your Challenges

Why financing for Transportation and Logistics?

Fleet upgrades

Financing can provide businesses with the capital needed to upgrade their fleet of vehicles, which can help improve efficiency and reduce costs over the long term

Improved cash flow

Financing can help businesses improve their cash flow by providing them with the capital needed to cover expenses during periods of low revenue.

Expansion opportunities

Financing can help businesses take advantage of growth opportunities by providing them with the capital needed to expand their operations.

Competitive advantage

Financing can provide businesses with a competitive advantage over their competitors by allowing them to invest in their operations and improve their services.j

Our Solutions

Tailored For Every Business Stage

Access to various financing options can be a critical aspect of maintaining sufficient working capital. Our financing solutions can help businesses navigate short-term cash flow challenges, as well as support their long-term growth objectives. By leveraging on financing options tailored to your specific needs, businesses can improve cash flow and maintain the liquidity necessary to keep operations running smoothly. This, in turn, can help businesses take advantage of new opportunities as they arise, and better navigate unforeseen challenges.

Hire Purchase

Get the Vehicles You Need with Easy Payment Plans

Are you a business owner, a private hire driver or an individual looking for a loan for vehicles?

Technology Leasing

Keep Your Business Up-to-Date with Flexible Technology Leasing

Get the latest technology without the upfront cost. Our flexible leasing solutions make it easy to upgrade your business equipment and stay ahead of the competition.

Unsecured Term Loans

Flexible Financing for Your Business Needs

Need funds for your business but don't have collateral? Our unsecured term loans offer flexible financing solutions tailored to your needs. Perfect for short-term financing needs, our loans are designed to help you grow your business.

Business Property Loans

Secure Your Business Property Ownership with Ease

Whether you're looking to purchase properties or refinance for funding, we can tailor to your business needs.

Earned Wage Access

Earned Wage Access: The Future of Payroll and Finance

Earned wage access empowers employees to manage their finances more effectively by accessing their earned wages on demand and helping to cover unexpected expenses or financial emergencies.

Why Us?

Take a look how to apply our product financing. It's so simple and easy to apply

Customized solutions to meet your unique business needs

With our customized financing solutions, you can access the capital you need to achieve your business goals.

Quick and hassle-free application process

We make it easy to apply for financing, so you can focus on running your business.

Competitive rates and flexible repayment options

We offer transparent and straightforward pricing, so you know exactly what you're paying for.

"I would like to thank GBFS for supporting my used car dealership business. I greatly appreciate the fast response and support given by Vion and her team. And Vion also helps by giving advise on how to solve my customers’ loan issues. Carcha is also a very good initiative and it helps a lot by removing all the traditional paperwork and modernizing the whole sales process for both dealers and customers. I hope that we can continue this partnership, thank you."
Collin Teo
Director, B Motoring LLP

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