Digital Supply Chain Financing

Digital Supply Chain Financing allows buyers to extend payment terms, and for suppliers to get paid faster, and our venture build - Kronos, makes this process easier through its automated platform.

Why Digital Supply Chain Financing?

Digital Supply Chain Financing helps businesses to extend payment terms as a buyer, and pay your suppliers earlier.

Enhances Supplier Relationships

Extend Payment Terms (Buyers)

Pay Suppliers Earlier

Automated Process via Digital Platform

Customised According to Your Requirements

Easy Application via MyInfo
Convenient Giro Payments
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You will need to agree to the terms of the payables financing arrangement. This will typically include the amount of the financing, the interest rate or discount rate, and any fees or charges associated with the financing.

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With payables financing, you can receive your money, and here are the final process

This process typically involves providing information such as the name, address, contact details, and payment terms.

Why Supply Chain Financing?

Improves Cashflow

Provides access to early payment for suppliers, which can improve their cash flow and allow them to fulfill orders more efficiently.

Enhances Supplier Relationships

By offering early payment to suppliers means strengthening the ability to secure better prices, quality and delivery terms.

Reduces Supply Chain Risk

Help businesses mitigate risks associated with their suppliers by providing greater visibility and control over their payment processes.

Increases Efficiency

Streamline operations and save time on resources by automating payment processes and reducing administrative burdens.

Venture Builds


Learn how Pilon Plus - a cloud-based app - can help your business access reverse supply chain financing to provide significant and strategic cashflow for you.

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"As a florist, I never thought much about the financial side of my business - I just focused on creating beautiful arrangements for my customers. But when I started using financial services, it was a game-changer. I was able to streamline my invoicing and payment processes, which saved me so much time and hassle. Plus, I got access to funding options that helped me grow my business and take on bigger projects. Overall, using financial services has made my life as a florist so much easier and more profitable."
Nina Ong
Sales Manager, SG CAR CHOICE


What is supply chain financing?

Supply chain financing is a financial solution that helps businesses optimize their cash flow by allowing them to access early payments for invoices that have not yet been paid by their customers or clients. This is done by leveraging the creditworthiness of the buyer in the transaction.

Who can benefit from supply chain financing?

Supply chain financing can benefit both buyers and suppliers in a transaction. Buyers can extend their payment terms while still enabling suppliers to access early payment, which can help build stronger relationships and reduce supply chain risk.

How does supply chain financing work?

The financing provider pays the supplier for their invoices, minus a discount fee, and then collects payment from the buyer at a later date.

What are the benefits of supply chain financing?

The benefits of supply chain financing include improved cash flow for suppliers, reduced risk for buyers, and increased transparency and efficiency in the supply chain. It can also help improve relationships between buyers and suppliers by providing a mutually beneficial solution.

What documents are required for supply chain financing?

The documents required for supply chain financing are generally need to provide invoices, purchase orders, and proof of delivery, while buyers may need to provide credit information and other financial documents.

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